Help Us Design the New 2-in-1 Convertible Backpack

With COVID and Supply Chain issues, we are currently out of stock. But we are taking the opportunity to improve and re-design the 2-in1 Luggage. Click below to join our Designers Club. You will be able to vote on new features, give idea requests, give feedback during the design process, and get updates on new inventory.

There’s nothing like that next big adventure

You spend days thinking about all the new sights and experiences that are just around the corner. Getting ready to fly can feel like childhood Christmas all over again.

Of course travel is rarely stress free

And you know this all too well. You weren’t born yesterday. Airports are chaotic and planes are crowded. Plus, traveling in a foreign land is never without its curveballs.

We’re talking rolling down airport walkways, climbing flights of stairs, walking cobble streets, and early morning hikes quite possibly all in the same day. And while you haul all that luggage around, you may find yourself wondering why you ever left home in the first place.

You need a bag that will do your trip justice and not make those stairs and streets any harder than they need to be.

You need a bag that can accommodate everything your adventure throws at you.


“The bags are designed around functionality and perform as the largest carry-on and personal bag you'll find anywhere in any configuration 

(my humble opinion based on years of traveling)”

Angelica Maralason.

Bought for my 2 college aged kids for our Europe trip. Was big enough to fit for 7-8 days and small enough to fit on international planes like RyanAir without being scrutinized for size. Very good value. Will order one for myself.


I'm really surprised, nice and looks strong to me. I still have to try it while travelling and will tell you in one month if something went wrong, For now, five stars!

Bettina Janet Mc Laughlan.

Took on a 6 week trip through the EU, worked well, easy to switch to backpack mode, and the handle is long enough for a person 6'+ tall.

Amazon Customer.

Lightweight and functional I used the handle to pull through the station and the straps on the path to keep my hands free. Very well made and I couldn't believe how much I could fit into it.


Perfect for travel. I bought this as a gift for my father in law to take over seas. After Europe It's in Zambia , Africa living it's best life and it is still rolling and light weight, padded straps, sturdy, fits on plane overhead, lots of expandable room.


Here’s the clever part

With our 2-in-1 design you can game the system; the large bag is just the right size for overhead bins while the small bag is just right for sliding under airplane seats. AND both bags zip neatly together forming one single unit.  Yes, that means you can wheel it straight through security.  

No waiting in check in lines.  And no fees.

And here’s the really clever part

Yes, this is as probably as close to a transformer as a bag can be. As you shift from smooth airport floor to dirt road, Hypath will do things no other carry on friendly bag is capable of and morph accordingly.

So who made this contraption?

Hypath was dreamt up by our founder Jason.  After a trip to Europe one summer, he had a brainwave. 

“I realized there were a lot of things about my luggage that I wished I knew before I left ...”

We have a 60 day returns policy, plus a 2 year replacement warranty